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Magnetall srl is a company founded in 1977 and today Magnetall is the market leader in the field of magnetic rubber articles with some patents to its assets, such as the magnetic ski carrier.

Magnetall offers series of standard articles but we are always looking for evolving and developping new products.
Taking advantage of itd experience with the magnetic plates (used with the magnetic skirack) and also in the magnetic support of the mirrors, in 2014 Magnetall took over the company producing the towing mirror line - SPECIAL MIRROR for caravans -  with all relative equipment and molds to extrude all the components.
The towing mirrors of the SPECIAL MIRROR line are products that made school in the past years, sold throughout Europe and Australia.
Magnetall wants to continue this successful project by making continuous aesthetic and technical improvements to support the evolution of car mirrors.
Reliability, kindness, precision, quick delivery are our stenght and the keys to the success of Magnetall: most of items are in stock  are
Most of the items are on stock.
Magnetall is proud to point out that all models and accessories are produced exclusively in Italy, with components deriving for the most part from molds owned by Magnetall and small generic components (such as screws or suction cups) produced in Italy.

Visit the pages of this site to get information and see images of the proposed towing mirrors.
For all other magnetic items offered, you can visit the website MAGNETALL

Magnetall srl

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