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... said ABOUT US ...
Our towing Special mirrors for caravans are appreciated by many caravanners, both Italian and foreign (Dutch, German, English ...), we do not say so, but our customers who have chosen us say so!

The photos and comments below have been sent to us directly or have been published by our customers on various specialized online magazines or specialized blogs such as: CARAVAN TRIPS, NEWSCAMP,  TUTTOCARAVAN, ROULOTTE ANTENATE, VIAGGI IN ROULOTTE 2.0 and others.

Boomer S in autostrada

04 giugno 2017
Manuel - Boomer S towing mirror on the highway
Notice how our towing mirror facilitates the vision of who is coming
vetro rotto ma Boomer S intatto!

Jannuary 2018.
Stefano crush: a car that proceeded in the opposite direction hit the Boomer S towing mirror: the mirror cup turned but only the glass broke. The entire hooking system and the arm of the Boomer S towing mirror remained firmly in their position, confirming the strength of fixing system. Stefano solved by replacing only the glass as a spare part.
18 aprile 2017 -ALESSANDRO: Anch'io sono passato per le cinesate e poi sono giunto a questi.
Non c'รจ storia. Un altro mondo.
Li uso da 6-7anni e sono come nuovi. Non li cambierei con nessun altro.

23 may 2018  EDOARDO by e-mail     Provati gli specchietti. Perfetti! Complimenti!

NOTE: updates to this web page are not regular. If you want to send us directly your photos of the our  towing mirrors  on you cars or if you want to leave a comment on our products, please write an email to info@specialmirror.it and well glad to publish them.

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