MAGNETIC SUPPORT for towing mirror - Towing magnetic mirrors for caravans by Magnetall Surl

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Magnetic support and long arm for towing mirror
The magnetic support is an accessory designed to ensure even greater stability to the mirror arm, allowing further vibration reduction,too.

The magnetic support It can be hooked to both the Boomer S model, the Special Mirror model  and also if you choose the optional long arm.

This optional accessory is very fast and easy to install. It adapts to all the shapes of the car doors. The anti-scratch protection of the magnet plate ensures the car body from damages. It can also be regulated from inside the car.
The magnetic support is supplied as a single piece or in pair and it can be used for both left and right mirror.

The magnetic support is recommended  with the our accessory long arm.

The magnetic support helps to support the long arm and to limit the vibrations (the long arm would amplify possible vibrations sice it has a greater leverage effect, ).

Note. It is not recommended only for cars that have the automatic closing of the mirrors when they're turned off and/or that do not have a stop of the automatic closing.

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