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Boomer S is the towing mirror for caravans chosen by many caravanners.

Boomer S model is an evolution of the fixing system of the Special Mirror model. Boomer S guarantees greater versatility of application also on most recent cars with the rear-view mirrors with more shaped and narrow shapes.

The Boomer S model is fixed on the rear-view car's mirror with a non-slip rubber and three silicone suction cups much larger than those of the Special Mirror.

The additional towing mirrors Boomer S are built with excellent materials that guarantee excellent functionality, wide visibility, great resistance to stress and impact while ensuring a significant reduction in vibration. Thanks to these characteristics, the towing mirrors Boomer S have been chosen by many Italian and foreign caravanners.

The supplementary mirror can be quickly removed when it is not used for towing. It is possible to extract from the whole structure that makes up only the arm with the mirror leaving the fixing system mounted for later uses.

Boomer S solo aggancio
The package of the Boomer S towing mirrors is supplied complete with left and right mirror, two arms and the two fixing systems with relative belts.

The towing mirror for caravans can be mounted both above and below the car mirror: it is usually installed above.

The BOOMER S towing mirror has many advantages...
Below we list its strong points in details:

the triangle with the two hooks is to be fixed above or below but parallel to the car mirror. The strap has flexible joints and it can be positioned adapting to the shape of the car mirror in the best way.

Boomer towing mirror
Boomer mirror
the three sucker with their large diameter 48mm (1) have a double function: helping to keep the hooking system firmly anchored as well as avoiding scratches on the car mirror (in addition to the anti-slip rubber). The fixing pin of the suction cups has removable rings (2) to adjust the thickness and adapt to each car mirror: in this way it ensure the best grip on the triangle's hooks.
See the following description.
we provide thickess rings into the suckers under the triangle: you can add how many black rings are necessary to create the thickness useful to compensate the rounding and better adapt the triangle to the shape of the car mirror  (see 1 in the picture on the side) . These devices allows a greater grip of the suction cups; more: they allow to mantain the to towing mirror arm much horizzaontal as possible; more: they increase the stability by reducing the vibrations.
Boomer mirror
its large dimensions allow a wide back-vision.
The mirror cup can be rotated 360 ° and it can be tilted backward and forward, right and left, even confortably seated on the driver's seat, for better adjustment. The cup is hooked on the arm which can be also adjusted:  the arm can be set inwards or outwards by pulling it out and then fixing it in the best personal position.
The cup is also available in bright red for greater safety and visibility.
the mirrors available are normal white or light blue with the anti-reflective coating.
Both white and blued mirror are then available flat or convex.
The flat mirrors reproduce the real dimentions and distances, the convex show a wider rear view but also wider distance.
The choice between the 4 available combinations (white flat, white convex, lightblue flat, lightblue convex)  is only personal comfort, there is no rule or a higher quality.
Boomer mirror
The Boomer S towing mirrors for caravans are equipped with optional accessories:
● magnetic support
● long arms.

Let's see them in detail.
The magnetic support for Boomer S caravan mirrors is an accessory designed to give even greater stability and a further reduction of vibrations to the mirror arm by fast hooking it to the car with a powerful magnetic plate.
The long arm is a very useful accessory for all situations where the width of the caravan is greater than the car, essential when the caravan is at least 45cm wider than the car.

According to our tests it is essential when the caravan is at least 45 cm wider than the car and therefore usually ideal for those who own a caravan of 235 cm width.
Magnetic support and long arm
Long arm for towing mirror
TOWING MIRROR BOOMER S: what Customers said
We do not want to convince you that we, of Special Mirror, are the specialists in the production of mirrors for caravans Made in Italy, but the same caravanners who have chosen us, can tell you: here's what they wrote to us!
Boomer S in autostrada

04 giugno 2017
Manuel - Boomer S towing mirror on the highway
Notice how our towing mirror facilitates the vision of who is coming
vetro rotto ma Boomer S intatto!

Jannuary 2018.
Stefano crush: a car that proceeded in the opposite direction hit the Boomer S towing mirror: the mirror cup turned but only the glass broke. The entire hooking system and the arm of the Boomer S towing mirror remained firmly in their position, confirming the strength of fixing system. Stefano solved by replacing only the glass as a spare part.

Parking in the camping with Boomer S mirror

What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate!

Choose the Boomer S caravan mirrors and towing and driving with your caravan will be easier!
Don't you know which additional mirror for caravans choose?

White or blue glass?

Flat or convex glass?

Will the magnetic support usefull fore me?

and the long arm?

Don't worry! No problem!

We have made a small summary specially for you to facilitate your choice on this page.       
If you have already viewed the page but you are still hesitant and would like a personal advice directly from us, please contact us for free to the email listing all your doubts, a phone number and a time suitable for you to be called.

Have a good day and I will look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Best Regards

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